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Automatic Pet Feeder Smart Food Dispenser

Automatic Pet Feeder Smart Food Dispenser

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This Automatic Pet Feeder Smart Food Dispenser is designed to save time and effort with its reliable, automatic food dispensing. Featuring adjustable portion settings and a timer, it can be easily set to dispense food on a schedule or repeated intervals. The reliable, programmable design ensures that your pet receives a consistent meal, saving you time and effort while allowing you to rest assured they're fed.



2-in-1 Gravity Food Feeder. A pet water feeder can hold a gallon of water.
Gravity cat feeder and Water dispenser natural gravity water supply and feeding system, do not need to use electricity. You can save electricity and be more secure.

Product Information:

Material: Plastic
Specification: single meal, double meal
Color: pink, gray
Size: single meal 24 * 14 * 7.5cm, double meal 28.5 * 24.5 * 7.5cm


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