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Portable Space Shoulders Pet Backpack

Portable Space Shoulders Pet Backpack

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In terms of space, a pet weighing about 11 kilograms is just right, and it doesn’t affect the pet’s turning around and rest.
Bring your pet, go shopping, eat, go to the pet hospital, these are all satisfying, and the rate of return is very high! ! ! ~
The view of the transparent cover gives the pet a certain sense of security. In terms of air permeability, we have made a 9-hole design, which improves the air permeability. A blanket with better water absorption is also presented inside.

1. Made of high-quality materials, durable, breathable and comfortable
2. The transparent design allows your pet to see the sunshine and scenery of the outside world. There are multiple vents on the backpack to provide sufficient air circulation, so that your pet can breathe comfortably
3. The safe built-in locking mechanism prevents pets from jumping out, getting lost or hurting themselves. The detachable soft bottom plate is easy to clean and more hygienic.
4. Zipper-style zipper opening and closing, durable and practical
5. The ergonomic retractable shoulder strap allows you to easily carry your pet. It is suitable for traveling, walking, hiking and hanging out.

Product information:
Material: high quality pc
Capacity: 12g
Pattern: Color
Hardness: hard
Specifications: new penguin, fruit green, brushed black, silver, white, rose gold, rose red, pink, red and white elves, blue and white elves, rice flags, small yellow men, zebra patterns, black bears, big kt cats, small  Specifications: new penguin, fruit green, brushed black, silver, white, rose gold, rose red, pink, red and white elf, blue and white elf, Pozi flag, small yellow man, zebra pattern, black bear, big kt cat, small kt cat, silver bear, trendy British, jingle cat, pink white dots, transparent black, transparent red, transparent green, transparent blue, transparent pink, transparent gray, transparent yellow, yellow chick, yellow, pink daisy, black daisy, Yellow daisy, yellow and green letters, yellow and pink letters, leopard print, little devil, graffiti



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