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Telescopic Hanging Door Small Mouse Cat Toy

Telescopic Hanging Door Small Mouse Cat Toy

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Keep your cat engaged and entertained with our Telescopic Hanging Door Small Mouse Cat Toy. This hanging toy uses a telescopic design that allows cats to explore various movements while playing, while the small mouse shape creates extra interest. Perfect for interactive play with your furry friend.



1. T riangle hook

It can be hung on door beams, door handles, seats, cage tops and other places where you can play.

2.  Adjustable buckle

Adjust the length of the rope by adjusting the buckle, allowing the cat to play comfortably.

3.  Elastic rope design

The total length is about 180cm, and the elasticity is large, allowing the small toy at the bottom to swing.

4. M ouse shape

Attracts the cat's attention as it swings.


Material: plush, plastic, metal
Size: Approximately 1.8 meters in total length
Application: cat
Feature: This funny cat stick is equipped with a hook, which can be hung on the door frame


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