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Pet Toy Cotton Rope Ball

Pet Toy Cotton Rope Ball

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The Pet Toy Cotton Rope Ball is a durable and safe toy for pets. Made from strong cotton rope, it is easily washable and chew-resistant, providing long-lasting fun for your pet. The rope is carefully constructed for maximum durability, so your pet can enjoy playing for extended periods of time. It also features an embedded bell, creating an interesting auditory experience for your pet.


Specification: Medium size is about 7 cm in diameter and weighs about 84 grams
product description:
Pet Cotton Rope Toys-Cotton rope braided balls, all made of colored cotton rope bones. Purely hand-woven, will not be easily bitten or disassembled by pets. Cotton rope thread can be eaten by pets if they are broken or dropped , You can clean the dog's stomach.

The pet cotton rope braided ball is one of the pet dog's favorite toys. The spherical toy can bite the dog and can also be used as a chase.     

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