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Tracking Rope Dog Leash

Tracking Rope Dog Leash

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Track your pup with ease using the Tracking Rope Dog Leash! This leash is crafted with 5 ft of durable and lightweight rope to ensure your pup stays in reach at all times. The secure clip ensures a snug connection with your pup’s collar, giving you peace of mind while they explore.


Comfortable diving fabric foam handle; this traction rope is suitable for long-distance dog and traction pets, allowing the owner to control the distance with the animals, very suitable for outing use.

Product information:

Material: nylon
Black color

M: 3M leash length, 2.5cm width
L: leash length 5M, width 2.5cm
XL: leash length 10M, width 2.5cm
XXL: leash length 15M, width 2.5cm
XXXL: leash length 20M, width 2.5cm
Description: comfortable diving fabric foam handle; This leash is suitable for long distance dog release, leash the pet, allowing the owner to control the distance from the animal, ideal for going out to use.



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