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Pet trumpet door

Pet trumpet door

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The Pet Trumpet Door is designed to provide your pet with freedom and safety. Its advanced security system combines ease of use with reliable access control, allowing your pet to enter without putting their safety at risk. Its innovative design ensures secure closure and prevents unauthorized access. The Pet Trumpet Door is the perfect solution for pet owners looking for a secure, reliable solution for their pet’s access needs.


Name: Intelligent control pet door
Model: CF02
Material: door material ABS, frame material: acrylic (smooth surface, strong)
Color: white, brown
Size: outer door piece length 22.5*width 20*thickness 3cm, inner door piece length 15*width 15.5cm
Packing size: length 22.5*width 20.7*height 3.3cm
Packing: color box
Suitable for: small dogs, cats Weight range: below 16 kg (conventional recommendation) waist circumference less than 60cm

4 ways to set: no entry but no exit (completely closed)/exit and entry (completely open)/only entry but no exit/only exit but no entry     

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