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Square Carrier Display Cage

Square Carrier Display Cage

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Square Carrier Display Cage is the perfect choice for comfortable and secure storage of small creatures. Crafted from sturdy metal wire, it is designed to provide superior airflow and visibility, with a 2-inch depth and 8-inch width per side. It is the ideal size for hamster, rat, and gerbil habitats. Additionally, the top handle allows for easy transport. Enjoy a secure living space for your pet with Square Carrier Display Cage.


Product information:

Material: high strength engineering plastic
Applicable size :S
Color: Bamboo yellow

Dimensions: length 23cm, width 23cm, cage body height 21cm, height with hook 32cm, cage wire distance 1.1cm

Packing list:

Cage body 1 set + hook 1 set + chassis 1 piece + station bar 2 pieces


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