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Two small cat bell collars

Two small cat bell collars

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These two small cat bell collars are designed to add a stylish flair to your feline’s look while keeping them safe from wandering. The collars are made from soft and lightweight fabric, so they won’t weigh your cat down, and feature a reliable bell for you to track them at all times.


1 style: All traces of Pingwai/Wandering are in the same size [22~33cm]-4-15 kg is recommended, 
2 style: Starry Sky Rhapsody/Good Mood One Size [22~33cm]-4-15 kg recommended,
3 style: blue mystery/orange flavor can break free of design, walking cats and dogs is not available,
4 style: Cherry flavor/flower size [22~33cm]-4-15 kg recommended,
5 style: Passionate love rose size [22~33cm]-4-15 kg recommended
6 style: Confession Balloon/Ocean Star One Size [22~33cm]-4-15 kg recommended,
7 style:Romantic Beach/Wei Yung One Size【22~33cm】——Recommended 4-15 kg
8 style: Mars green / equal wind comes to one size [22~33cm]-4-15 kg recommended

1. Adjustment range 22~3cm
2. Safety buckle anti-suffocation design, can not walk the dog or


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