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Wooden hamsters Tunnel Solid Wood

Wooden hamsters Tunnel Solid Wood

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This Wooden hamsters Tunnel Solid Wood is crafted from top-grade poplar plywood, creating a cozy and safe space for your pet. The all-natural and non-toxic materials make it safe for your hamster. Its smooth surface and robust construction is designed for durability, ensuring your hamster’s tunnel will last for years.


Product Information:
Specifications: apple wood arch bridge, foundation fence 40cm, foundation door hole fence 40cm, hamster tunnel, hamster plank road 8*40cm, apple branch swing, apple wood hammock, dumbbell, big roller, small wheel, double apple wood block, cowhide rope dumbbell one Large and small, apple branch braided ring diameter 10cm, round big rattan ball bite string, apple wood grass cake string string, log type bite string, 5-6cm round platform 3, bell big roller, 5cm water grass ball, 5cm willow Ball, 2 large pine balls, molar apple branch 200g, seesaw, wooden bead ladder


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